Equity Risk Premium Grew Wider And More

Modern portfolio theory holds that investors get paid extra return for taking risk. The concept is simple, but can be…


The Facts Amid Rising Fears Of Inflation

For nearly a decade, the Federal Reserve was consistently wrong about inflation because inflation is hard to predict.


A New Rover Landed On Mars And

New retail sales and housing data released by the government for January confirmed the recovery is rolling along, on the…


Ironically, Amazon Profits By Perpetuating Stock Bubble

With fears of a stock market bubble spreading, sweatshirts and tee shirts on Amazon Prime depict Federal Reserve chairman Jerome…


Amid Strong Crosscurrents, Stocks Sank 2.5% This

With bond yields rising to pre-Covid levels, it was no big surprise when stocks weakened this past week.


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Our mission is to provide the achievement of our client's life goals through proper financial planning and superior investment management.

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