Client Service Team: Who We Are and What We Do

May 09, 2024


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Client Service Team: Who We Are and What We Do

Hello, my name is Lindsey Larson, and I am New England Capital’s Client Service Lead. I want to take this time to introduce our Client Service Team and explain our role here at New England Capital.

Our goal is to deliver consistent and responsive service and I hope you’ll find this information helpful and useful when deciphering who you should go to with which questions.

Our Client Service Team is made up of five team members including myself: Michelle Acanfora, Deborah McConnell, Martina Lakhaisy and Samantha Byron. You may have touched base with one or all of us at one point or another while being a client of New England Capital. We operate as a direct link between you and your advisor and can be your source for anything that doesn’t require giving financial recommendations or advice.

Below I have outlined some items Client Service can assist our clients with:

  • Appointment Scheduling – If you need to schedule an appointment of any kind with your advisor, we can make sure we get you on their calendars or at the very least we will schedule a call back to avoid the possibility of playing phone tag. In addition to in-person appointments here in our Meriden office, we also offer Zoom appointments and Phone appointments. If you are referring a family member or friend to meet with us for the first time, they can contact our team and we will set up their initial Connect meeting with an advisor.
  • Money Movement – If you need to take a distribution or make a contribution, whether it be one time or need it set up periodically, we are the team to help you with those requests. If you need to add or remove a bank account from your investment account, we will walk you through the process. Just a friendly reminder, we cannot take money movement requests through written form. If you email in a money movement request, a member of our client service team will reach out to verbally confirm.
  • Informational updates –When there are changes you need made to your account records, whether it be updating an address, adding a seasonal address, change of phone numbers, emails, or name – we would be more than happy to provide you assistance in making those changes. Keeping us up to date with these changes is very important for not only our record keeping but for your financial plan.
  • Paperwork – Some money movement and informational updates require paperwork. We are the team who gathers and completes the necessary paperwork needed to accomplish your goals. Once all parties have signed, we then process your completed paperwork and serve as the liaison between you and the custodian. When the paperwork is processed and the action is completed, we follow up with the client and confirm everything is in good order.

If you have questions or requests for statements, account reports, tax documents or mailings from the custodian, we can certainly help with those items as well.  If you need help logging into your accounts online, we can provide you with the appropriate links and instructions to log in. We have two staff members – Michelle and Martina who are a Notary Public If clients need any documents notarized.

In addition to calling our office we also have an email address exclusively available for our clients to reach us. is monitored by our team during office hours. This is a great alternative to emailing your advisor directly. There are times an advisor can be away from their desk for hours at a time in back-to-back meetings and utilizing this inbox may get you an answer in a timelier fashion. I truly encourage our clients to keep this email address handy.

I hope you find this segment to be informational and provide some clarification as to what the Client Service Team does for you at New England Capital. Our clients are our absolute top priority and I encourage you to use us as a resource and guidance on any questions you may have. If we don’t have the answer, we will make sure you are directed to the right person who will have the answer. Our goals are tied to your goals, and we want to help you successfully implement your financial plans.



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