Portfolio Holding Highlight: GS GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund

June 29, 2023


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Portfolio Holding Highlight: GS GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund

In the coming months, I will be highlighting some mutual funds in our models and why we chose them. We have a Research/Investment team, which is composed of our advisory team and our compliance officer. This team meets at least quarterly or as needed, depending on market conditions. During meetings, the team reviews funds in our models, the funds’ performances, the economic environment, and discusses funds on our watch list and strategies going forward. While we don’t analyze your individual account on a daily basis, we closely watch the mutual funds and ETF’s that are in the portfolio’s. When evaluating existing or new funds, we use our 4 step process or the 4 p’s, People, Process, performance, and Price.

Today I’d like to highlight the Goldman Sachs International Opportunities Fund located in many of your accounts as an international allocation. The strategy of this investment is long term capital appreciation, it invests primarily in equity investments in non – US companies.

First, we’ll look at the “People” or Portfolio Managers. How long have they been managing the fund or have there been any manager changes? In this Goldman Sachs fund, the lead manager Rajiv Jain has been with the fund since its inception back in December 2016 and also has more than two decades of experience running international strategies. Two deputy managers were recently added as well as a team of about 20 analysts and managers with diverse backgrounds; some examples are forensic accountants and former investigative journalists.

Next we look at the process. What is the portfolio managers process, and does it align with our philosophy? Jain’s focus here is on forward looking quality and to remain open minded in finding opportunities to compound capital around the world. He wants reliably growing companies if they are on solid financial footing and have demonstrated the ability to weather slow economies.

Next, we look at the performance. Since the Goldman Sachs fund’s inception, it has averaged about 11% per year. Last year the fund was only down a little over 11% whereas the International Index itself was down over 20%. You may have seen some purchases into this fund back in May as we added a small percentage back into the fund because we feel that international companies may do better with a declining US dollar.

We also look at the cost of the fund. The cost of the Goldman Sachs fund is .80% compared to the category average of a little over 1%. We try to keep costs low where we can. If there is a higher cost fund chosen it is because there is a high conviction of having that as part of your portfolio.

Along with our investment process above we also participate in conference calls, in-person meetings and webinars with representatives, portfolio managers and economists from the mutual funds companies we work with.

Stay tuned for my next mutual fund highlight. Have a great weekend.

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